Campus Wifi Map

WiFi Signal Strength Key
Signal strength rating represents average values for each building. Individual experience may vary.
  • Good – Email, web browsing, and HD video should load and stream at high speeds.
  • Average – Email, web browsing, and standard definition video should load with minimal buffering. You may experience noticeable buffering when streaming HD video.
  • Low – Email and web browsing may load slowly. You will likely experience substantial buffering when streaming standard definition video.
Map last updated 3/22/22

Did you know...

More people,
slower WiFi

Densely populated areas impact wireless performance. For this reason, you may experience slower speeds in fully occupied lecture halls and common spaces.

Building materials
are barriers

Harvard's campus is home to historic buildings that often contain thick interior walls. Thick walls interfere with signal strength. If you are in a building that has not yet been renovated, connectivity will likely be slower than in a more modern building.

Proximity matters

Are you near a wireless access point? At home, we generally think of these as routers or modems. Sometimes wireless access points have antennas or look like oversized smoke detectors. The closer you are to an access point, the stronger your signal should be.